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The 2023 Members' Day and the 7th Science and Technology Workers' Day were successfully held

Release time: 2023-05-30Author: Henan Civil Architecture Society


On the afternoon of May 27, Henan Civil Architecture Society held a member's day activity with the theme of "Lighting the Spiritual Torch" in North China University of Water Resources and Electric Power。Wang Zhaodong, Chairman of the Association; Professor Song Gangfu, Dean of the School of Environmental and Municipal Engineering, North China University of Water Resources and Electric Power; An Jie, Guo Jianqun, Wang Aiju, Vice chairman of the AssociationLi Hongxia, Director of HVAC Special Committee, Wang Qiqing, director of Thermal Power Special Committee, Gao Minglei, director of Building Electrical Special Committee, Zhang Songzheng, director of Sculpture mural Special Committee, Yue Jianwei, deputy director of Construction Safety Special Committee, Lou Yu, deputy director of Building Structure Special Committee及各More than 80 people attended the meeting, including the Secretary-General of the special committee, leaders of the outstanding member units and representatives of the members。The meeting was presided over by Wang Aiju, secretary general of the society。The meeting was divided into five agendas。


Wang Aiju


Song Gangfu

First of all, Professor Song Gangfu, Dean of the School of Environmental and Municipal Engineering, North China University of Water Resources and Electric Power, delivered a speech。President Song expressed a warm welcome to everyone, and gave a comprehensive introduction to the development history, brilliant achievements and professional supporting facilities of the university, so that everyone had a deeper understanding of North China University of Water Resources and Electric Power。



Next, to enter the commendation link, Comrade An Jie, vice chairman of the society, read out the commendation documents of Henan Civil Architecture Society 2022 excellent member units, individual members and excellent society workers, and awarded honorary certificates to the award-winning units and individuals。


At the member forum, everyone spoke freely and exchanged the key points, difficulties, highlights of the recent work and their expectations and impressions on the future development of their respective industries。



Wang Zhaodong

Finally, in his concluding speech, Wang Zhaodong extended cordial greetings to the majority of members, warmly congratulated the advanced collectives and individuals honored, and expressed heartfelt thanks to the leaders at all levels and people from all walks of life who have cared and supported the work of the society for a long time。He built around the theme of "Lighting the spiritual torch",Take the construction of Red Flag Canal as an example,This paper expounds the significance of forging ahead in the new era with the spirit of Red Flag Canal,In any period, it will encourage and guide us to have the spirit of self-reliance, hard work, solidarity and cooperation, and selfless dedication,It is hoped that the spirit of Red Flag Canal should be integrated into the thought in the future work,Put it into action,We will continue to make new breakthroughs and achieve new results in all our work,In the new era and new journey, we strive to make new contributions to the civil architecture society。He stresses,We should take the "Member Day" series of activities as an opportunity,Further enhance the awareness of membership-based,Enhance the ability and level of the Society to serve its members,Unite and lead the majority of civil construction technology workers to better serve economic and social development,To improve the scientific quality of the whole people,Strive to create brilliant achievements worthy of The Times, worthy of the motherland and the people。


After the meeting, we visited the History Hall of North China Shuili Hydropower University。The event came to a successful conclusion in a pleasant visiting atmosphere。


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